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How to style your Obaku wristwatch

Dec 21, 2021
Written by

A wristwatch is an essential piece that everyone should have. Besides having the purpose of telling you the time, a watch can be a symbol of status. Your watch will not only complement your dress code but also raise your social status in a social environment. Plus, your Obaku watch will never go out of fashion.


You should use your non-dominant hand for wearing your watch. This is to avoid scraping and scratching it. So, if your dominant hand is the right hand, then you should wear it on your left wrist. 


The style of watch you choose will depend on your personality, how you want to express yourself and how it will compliment your outfit. Obaku’s stainless steel watches can be worn casually, for a business meeting, a Christmas dinner, and even a party.


Your Obaku watch may be minimal but it will make you feel confident and elegant. Make sure that you don’t over-accessorize when styling it with your outfit because it should complete your look. 


Maybe you can match your watches’ dial or strap to the same colour as your shoes, your belt, or your handbag? It will make your outfit of the day look put together. 


If you want to wear jewelry with it, perhaps some rings may go well. If you want to wear bracelets, wear them on the opposite wrist. You may want to consider matching your watch to your jewelry or your clothes, but you don’t need to match it to EVERYTHING. It is the accessory that you will grab just before heading out of the house and will make you feel wonderful and powerful like you are truly ready for the day. 


We can give all the advice on how to style your wristwatch but at the end of the day, it is all your personal decision. We can give you inspiration on how to put a look together that will make your watch stand out but only you will know what makes you feel beautiful and which clothes and accessories will inspire you to be yourself.


So play with all the different ways of styling your timepiece, find an outfit that you love, and put your watch on! 




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