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Romantic date ideas with no technology for Valentine’s Day 2022; Enjoy a no-distractions date night

Feb 14, 2022
Written by

Romantic, no-technology date nights for Valentine’s Day are important for feeling connected and intimate with your partner this Valentine’s Day. 51% of partnered adults in a committed relationship say their partners are often distracted by their mobile phones when trying to have a conversation with them. 


It’s clear to see that we are often bothered by our partner’s phone use. Roughly 40% of participants said they were sometimes bothered by the time spent by their partners on mobile devices. With phones becoming such a widespread distraction within relationships, it’s vital that you implement romantic no-technology date nights into your routine. 


Today, we’ll be sharing our favourite romantic date ideas with no technology for Valentine’s Day:


Best Affordable No-Technology Valentine’s Dates:

Affordable dates don’t have to be restricted to technology. You don’t have to spend this Valentine’s Day watching rom-coms at home and spending hours on your phone if you don’t want to. Why not plan one of these affordable no-distraction date nights? 

  • Body Painting:

This unique no-technology date idea involves you and your partner painting your hands and feet to create stunning artwork. This experience can be as intimate as you would like it to be and is affordable. 

You’ll want to buy some skin-safe paint and a large piece of canvas or cardboard to get started. Use newspaper to protect your floors and get to painting. Body painting offers a fun-filled bonding experience that is sure to make a lovely memory for you and your partner to look back on. 

  • Reflections Date Night:

This is no-distractions date night involves you and your partner settling down in a comfortable space together, indulging in wine and looking back through your pictures. You can take a trip down memory lane to a specific event, like your wedding day, or you can reminisce your entire love journey. 

A night-in without distractions, this beautiful date allows you to bond with your partner in an intimate, loving setting. 

  • No-phones Picnic:

If you’re looking to get out of the house, a no-phones picnic is the perfect romantic date this Valentine’s Day. Picnics don’t have to be expensive. Make some of your partner's favourite finger foods and sandwiches, and find a free, scenic spot to sit down for an hour or two. Grab your picnic blanket, and you’re good to go.

This date is no-distractions, so leave your phones at home. Enjoy spending precious, quality time with your partner with this bespoke picnic this February 14th. 

  • Grab Coffee with No-phones:

The same as above, head out to a new coffee shop that neither you nor your partner has tried. Explore the latest range of drinks and flavours and truly embrace the experience by making it a no-phones date. Set goals, express gratitude and reflect on the year prior in style this Valentine’s Day with this romantic, no technology date idea.


Special Date Ideas with no Distractions: 

Special occasions often warrant extra-special dates. Here are three of our favourite unique date ideas with no distractions:


  • Paint and Sip Class:

Try out a new hobby with a paint and sip class. Bond with your partner as you sip on bubbly and develop new skills within this interactive class today. It doesn’t have to be a paint and sip class. Any kind of hobby class is a fun no-technology date night for your Valentine’s Day in 2022. 


  • Unplug for a Weekend Away:

Book a weekend getaway and keep your phones at home. Keep an emergency phone on you if you’re headed for longer road trips, and tell friends and family your accommodation details. Use your accommodations phone to notify family when you arrive and leave. 


Enjoy your weekend away together and create beautiful memories without using your phone. 


  • Luxurious Phone-free Spa Day:

Spa days are a deluxe treat that any couple can get around. Book in a bespoke spa day experience and a meal at a nice restaurant, and treat yourselves to an indulgent Valentine’s Day. Leave your phone at home and use this time to focus on your partner and foster your intimate connection.


Being more present with our loved ones helps us ensure our loved ones receive the love and nurturing they deserve. No-technology dates can help you to be more present in your romantic relationship. You can even implement no-distraction dates with your friends and family as well if you’re looking to foster deeper connections. 




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