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OBAKU and Sustainability in 2022: How We Are Making Our Watches More Eco-Friendly.

Jan 31, 2022
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We’re committed to making our watches and operations more sustainable throughout 2022. OBAKU Denmark is immensely passionate about sustainability and engineering unique watches that are eco-friendly and make a statement within your wardrobe. 

Today, we’ll be taking a deep dive into how we are making our watches more eco-friendly in 2022:

What are sustainable watches?

Sustainable watches use eco-friendly and ethically sourced materials in their designs. We’re pushing the boundaries of what it means to be an eco-friendly watch and have made a commitment this new year to release a number of effortlessly timeless eco-friendly watches. 

As a watch manufacturer, we have a lot of social responsibility to take ownership of our production efforts and ensure our processes are as eco-minded as possible. As a brand with a focus on sustainability, we’ve always been very active within our local and international communities and are proud supporters of the 3 R’s program for sustainability.

At OBAKU, we’re committed to offsetting enough C02 each year to cover all of the shipping of our watches as we invest in Obton solar parks to support renewable energy. We also have the Watches For Life program, which supports young individual’s to enter higher education and directly supports a children’s home in Thailand. 

Three things we are doing to be more sustainable this year:

Let’s take a look at some of the things we are doing this year to improve our green footprint even more.

Using more recycled materials:

We’re getting creative and pushing the boundaries of what it means to be an eco-friendly watch. Some of our recent releases include Kaffe, a bespoke designer watch manufactured out of recycled coffee grounds. 

We also released our new watch, TRAE, which is the world’s first 4.9mm thick watch with a sustainably harvested Sapel wood top ring. This effortlessly chic watch is a beautiful statement piece that is a must-have for your collection. 

The perfect dress watch, the idea behind TRAE, started back in 2018, with our innovative designer Lau Liengaard Ruge being the creative visionary behind this watch. 


Ethical sourcing:

We’re committed to responsibly sourcing all of the materials that our watches are made from. We vet our manufacturers and ensure all of our products are manufactured in warehouses that provide fair wages to their workers.

We’re thinking outside of the box when it comes to sourcing new materials for our watches. Kaffe’s unique ground-coffee faceplate and the TRAE sapel wood top-ring are testaments to this. 

3 R’s Program:

OBAKU proudly supports the Recycle, Reduce and Reuse program. We carefully control our waste across our production line, from our manufacturing facilities to our offices. We are passionate about having a low carbon footprint and proudly support C02 Neutral by Obton.

Shop now:

Are you ready to add a bespoke, innovative sustainable dress watch to your collection? Our new release TRAE is a must-have. At only 4.9mm thick, it’s one of the world’s thinnest watches with a wooden top-ring. Shop this style online now.




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