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2020 Collection: Trae - World's First Ultra-Thin Watch With a Wooden Top-Ring

Jan 21, 2021
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Work on Trae and Trae Lille began in 2018, while the series launched in 2020. The collection is a fusion of the tangible warmth of wood with high-quality industrial materials. It is a great achievement for the man behind its innovative design, Obaku’s designer Lau Liengaard Ruge.


“It required a lot of samples, testing, and refining to create this one-of-a-kind watch,” says Henriette Arvin, Obaku’s Brand Director. “We are thrilled to be able to be first and can’t wait to get onto the wrists of our customers.”


Trae’s principal structure is already amazing. With a 4.9 mm ultra-thin case, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and stainless steel build it joins the ranks of Obaku’s flagship Slim collection.


Then there’s the distinct wooden ring. Created from sustainably harvested Sapele wood, it is undoubtedly a Scandinavian moniker of style and design prowess.


Trae uses two shades of Sapele, a distant cousin of mahogany, to create contrastive looks to the light and dark dials.


As with all Obaku’s names, the name for the series is a combination of a Danish word and

a colorful expression. Trae, translated into English; Say hello to the Tree series.


The tree collection is available in two dial sizes, 40 and 32 mm, and in three

distinct colors: an inky Charcoal, deep-blue Marine, and a light-grey Steel version.


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