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Obaku Favorite Holiday Looks

Dec 12, 2022
Written by

It's time for all the Christmas parties. Here we give you some styling tips on how to accessorize all your outfits.


All white with a pop of colour

Make your white Christmas party outfit pop with a splash of gold or rose-gold on your wrist.



Coffee shop with a friend 


If you're going for a coffee with a friend, you want to be present and enjoy their company. So, make sure you choose a watch that won't bring too much attention to it. For example, a watch with dark-blue and rose-gold combination. Or you could explore the range of chocolate coloured mesh bracelets. They go well with every outfit. 



Big jumper with a feminine watch


Match your pastel, snuggly jumper with a beautiful rose-gold watch this Christmas. What’s not to like? It screams femininity. 



Leopard print with an all-round steel watch

If you don't want to bring too much attention to your accessories when you're wearing a leopard print outfit, it is a good idea to wear a steel watch (instead of a gold watch). Steel watches go well with everything!




Cozy winter fashion

We love the contrast between the woolen cream jumper and the deep-blue Obaku Mynte watch.



Grey watch to go with those grey checkers


A simple, minimalist watch, will always go with any kind of pattern, you may get into. This grey Obaku Mynte watch fits perfectly with this checkered outfit.




Gold watch to pop up that all-black look


All black is a classic go-to for any party. Make the look pop, with a bright and shiny gold or rose-gold watch.



Steel just goes with anything – including stripes


Do we need to say more? Steel is always in fashion.




Dark-blue watch with light-blue shirt


The deep dark-blue tones of this Obaku Mynte watch, complement the light-blue shirt perfectly. Also works well with a casual pair of jeans or that blue evening dress.



Explore our collections of watches. We have a perfect watch for every ocasion.


Happy Holidays! 





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