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2020 Collection: Linking Time with Lyng

Jan 21, 2021
Written by

Cool and Classic Curves
 Bring Back the Perfect
 Amount of Nostalgia.

You can tell by the shiny mother of pearl dial
and minimal 2-hand face design that Lyng is
 an analog gem.

The series’ materials received the same at
tention as did the details. Made from corrosion and rust-resistant stainless steel, both
the link bracelet and case are no strangers
to high-quality components.

Chances are if you ventured into a meadow
you most likely stumbled upon a fine plant
called Heath or Heather. That would be 
Lyng’s name in English, a coincidence worth

The series’ simple color scheme underscores 
its minimalism and refinement. Lyng is available in Steel, Rose and Gold color combos.


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