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OBAKU strives to create harmony in all aspects of life. We also do our best to contribute to a more harmonious society. Every year OBAKU participates in many different local and international sponsorships through various donations where we often see a direct effect and impact.

Not only internationally, but also in our own organization is social and environmental responsibility a big factor. OBAKU are proud supporters of the 3 R’s program: Recycle, Reduce and Reuse. “We seek to have a very low ecological footprint, controlling our waste, not only at our offices but also at our manufacturing facility. We use eco-friendly batteries, our packaging is almost 90% recyclable, and we are constantly searching for creative and safe ways to be environmentally and socially responsible.”

All Obaku employees also enjoy a relaxing and inspiring working environment, with healthy living and yoga on the daily agenda.


Nature has been here for over 4 and half billion years. That’s 22 thousand 500 times longer than us. Unfortunately we’ve often been unappreciative guests and our convenient way of life has exploited Mother Nature’s resources.

OBAKU has teamed up with Conservation International in a joint effort to save endangered forests around the world. Conservation International is a non-profit organization that fights to preserve and protect the many forests of the world from overconsumption. A fight that OBAKU has supported through a limited edition box set. For every box set sold OBAKU has donated US$10 to help preserve endangered forests around the world.

The nonprofit organization, Conservation International, has created a startlingly indifferent message from the earth, forests, and ocean, among other elementals voiced by top Hollywood talent, in a series of visually stunning videos under the hashtag #NatureIsSpeaking. Take a look! You will be touched.

Obaku believes this organization’s work is extremely important for our future. In their newest campaign, acclaimed actor Kevin Spacey, speaking as the “Rainforest” says: “Humans making air? That’ll be fun to watch!” The organization works to conserve forests around the world. “Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.” Watch the amazing campaign at


OBAKU is committed to lending a helping hand to our local as well as international communities. Therefore, OBAKU has started its own Charity program called ‘Watches for Life’.

Since the program was launched in 2012, ‘Watches for Life’ has helped organizations and people in need across the world. The idea is a ‘direct impact’ program, where focus is to see a direct and immediate change. We are aware that with our limited means we cannot change the entire world, but we may be able to change the world for a few people. This means that whenever OBAKU supports a project or a cause we see an immediate and direct effect of the provided resources.

Every year OBAKU donates to various charities. For example OBAKU’s ‘Watches for Life’ program has built a house for a family in the Philippines who have been homeless since Typhoon Yolanda devastated their house.

OBAKU has also created a fund, where youth, with no other means, from this same small village in the Philippines can apply for having their education funded. Every year, in lieu of Christmas presents to their partners, OBAKU sponsors an orphanage in Thailand with the Baan Unrak project. This has for example enabled the organization to put a new roof on their children’s home.
Jason and Vanessa are studying to become teachers thanks to Obaku's 'Watches for Life' prorgam.
Jason and Vanessa are studying to become teachers thanks to Obaku's 'Watches for Life' prorgam.
Ninoy and Nina have a new home thanks to Obaku's 'Watches for Life' program.
Ninoy and Nina have a new home thanks to Obaku's 'Watches for Life' program.
Obaku circle of life


The Obaku logo is inspired by the Zen calligraphic circle known as the Enso, which in Japanese means 'circle'. It symbolizes strength, elegance and the universe and is an 'expression of the moment'. The calligraphic Enso refers to a moment when the mind is free to simply let the body and spirit create. In short it symbolizes everything an Obaku watch is.

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