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V167LXCIMC-SF (Ladies)
169 USD
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V169GDCIMC-SF (Gents)
169 USD
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OBAKU has teamed up with Conservation International in a joint effort to save endangered forests around the world. Conservation International is a non-profit organization that fights to preserve and protect the many forests of the world from overconsumption. A fight that OBAKU has supported through a limited edition box set. For every box set sold OBAKU has donated US$10 to help preserve endangered forests around the world.

Conservation International has been campaigning for more than 30 years to protect the world’s forests from overconsumption. Nature is Speaking, its most recent campaign, focuses on three videos in which celebrities become the voices of Mother Nature, the ocean and the rainforest. The campaign revolves around the unconventional message, that it is us who need nature, not nature who needs us.

Obaku believes this organization’s work is extremely important for our future. In their newest campaign, acclaimed actor Kevin Spacey, speaking as the “Rainforest” says: “Humans making air? That’ll be fun to watch!” The organization works to conserve forests around the world. “Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.” Watch the amazing campaign at

Obaku made Save the Forest its main focus, showcasing the Forest Box Set, which consists of a limited-edition Obaku watch, which is individually numbered and engraved with a tree on the back case, and a stainless steel necklace featuring a tree and a heart motif & a genuine leather Key Chain to promote the campaign.

The sets have been limited to just 2,000 pieces for the ladies box set and 1000 pieces for the gents box set worldwide.
Obaku circle of life


The Obaku logo is inspired by the Zen calligraphic circle known as the Enso, which in Japanese means 'circle'. It symbolizes strength, elegance and the universe and is an 'expression of the moment'. The calligraphic Enso refers to a moment when the mind is free to simply let the body and spirit create. In short it symbolizes everything an Obaku watch is.

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