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In order to protect our customers and authorized retailers from unauthorized sellers, who can sell imitations, defective, used, damaged, and stolen watches, any Limited Lifetime Warranty or 3-month Safety Warranty will be void for watches bought from unauthorized dealers. To ensure your watch has a Limited Lifetime Warranty and receive the proper post-sale services, please purchase your product from a United States authorized store.

When you buy with an authorized dealer we provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which covers for life any mechanical part of the watch, including the movement in the case of defect. The Limited Lifetime Warranty covers charges on: shipping after repairing the item, repair, parts, and handling fees. With the Limited Lifetime Warranty you will get very affordable prices on extra parts like mesh bracelets, links or leather banda, or any other issues or parts not covered by the Limited Lifetime Warranty. You will receive an Exclusive USA 3-month 'Safety Warranty', which covers any defect that may occur within 3 months of purchasing your watch (If the item has been handled with care, and if it has been used properly, as mentioned in the warranty booklet). Please refer to your warranty booklet to learn more about how to use your Obaku Denmark Watch. Do not forget to register your warranty at

In order to ensure your retailer is an authorized dealer, please check our online store locator or contact us with your inquiry. We will be able to provide an authorized store near you, or sell the product via our Custom Care Service Center.

For any Obaku Denmark watch owner, we offer repair services with Saltzman's Watch Repair. If you do not have an authorized dealer Limited Lifetime Warranty, we will charge full price for any repair service, parts, and handling fees. You will have to pay the shipping charges from your location to Obaku LLC or to the authorized repair center, as well as the shipping to return the watch to you. A service fee of $25 will be added to any watch purchased through an unauthorized dealer. This fee is in addition to any charges incurred for repair service, parts cost, S&H.

Some of the unauthorized stores are listed below. Check back weekly for updated information.

Affordable Gems, AuthenticWatches; Amazing Watches; Ashford; Areatrend; B-Jamil; Bluefly;; Creationwatches; Discountwatchstore; Depaulas; Dexclusive; Discountshop; Ebay (with the exception of Zephyr Time authorized sample and used watches reseller); Ebates; Ewatches; Elite Accessories Inc;; fioriwatches-com; First Class watches;;;; Isla Morada;; JPNGSSF; Jomashop; Mimi's Linen; MastersInTime; Kademo Fashion; Great Timing Inc.; Mister Watch (Mr. Watch); Nobetterdeal; Oh Clock;; Overstock;; PC-WIZ-Japan; Pricegrabber; Princetonwatches; Ruelala; Rosewholesale; R.B. Brands; Smartbargains;; SOT Global Corp; Stuccu; Thewatchery;; Tic Time Trends;;;; Watch Place (Spring Valley); Walmart and; Watchuseek; Watchbrandsdirect; watches2u;;; Watchwarehouse; wesaveyou$; WeSaveYouMoney; Worldofwatches; Non authorized Amazon stores.


Within the territory of United States and the Caribbean Islands, all ONLINE international retailers, including authorized stores, are considered unauthorized dealers. Product bought from online international stores will not be covered by any warranty. Watches purchased from an Authorized Online International Retailers will have a flat fee of $25.00 USD in addition to any repair and service costs incurred. In all cases the customer will pay S&H.

Always purchase your watch from a LOCAL authorized (USA) retailer to prevent issues with your Limited Lifetime Warranty and any additional fees

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