Fashion week is an exciting time where we get to see all of the brand new, unique creations from our favourite designers. Fashion week showcases all of the trends for the upcoming season and is the perfect opportunity for finding new styles to try. 

Dressing for Fashion Week may seem daunting, so we’ve compiled some of our best style tips for you. Here are our top 5 tips for dressing for Fashion Week:

Try something new:

Fashion week is a celebration of style, and it’s the perfect time of the year to experiment with something new. Whether you’ve been thinking about adding bold patterns to your wardrobe or you want to re-vamp your accessory game, fashion week allows you to explore new looks judgment-free. 

Fashion week is all about exploring the boundaries of design, and it’s no secret that many fashion week looks are bold. Don’t be afraid to embody the fearless fashion week spirit and try something new for you - you might find the perfect fit.

The power of the drape and layer:

Layering creates dimension in your outfits and quickly elevates a simple work-from-home fit into a curated look. If you want to change up your look, think about layering.

Here are some ideas:

  • Drape your jacket over your shoulders
  • Add a cardigan
  • Add a blazer
  • The shirt and vest combo
  • Lighter colours inside, darker outside

Bold colours:

A lot of us shy away from having bolder colours in our wardrobe. Fashion week is the best time to experiment with colour. You can use a bold accessory to add a pop of colour to your outfit if you’re feeling less adventurous. 

If you’re ready to step entirely out of your comfort zone? Fashion week is the perfect time to throw together a bold, bright-coloured outfit. 

Use statement accessories:

Accessories are practical and stylish. Like our Firkant watches or our beautiful Sky collection, a statement watch can really elevate your look. 

Using accessories to switch up your style allows you to get creative without investing in a brand new wardrobe. 

Explore proportions:

Playing with proportions is always fun and allows you to experiment with new styles that flatter your figure. We love playing around with oversized fits during fashion week. 

Some ideas for dressing up your proportions include:

  • Flared pants
  • Tailored skirt
  • Using belts and other accessories
  • Oversized jackets

Final thoughts: 

There are plenty of ways to change up your style for fashion week. Whether you want to experiment with new colours or play around with proportions, fashion week is the best time of year to get experimental with your style.

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