May's Watch of the Month: The Tern Series

May's Watch of the Month: The Tern Series

Welcome to the enchanting world of Obaku, where time stands still and elegance reigns supreme. As we bid farewell to April showers and embrace the blooming beauty of May, it's time to unveil our watch of the month: the exquisite Tern series.

Why Tern for May, you ask? Well, dear readers, let me paint you a picture. Picture the vibrant hues of spring – the lush greenery, the blossoming flowers, and the crisp, refreshing air. Now imagine capturing that essence in a timepiece – that's where the Tern series comes into play.

For the gentlemen, Tern embodies the spirit of spring with its sleek design, reminiscent of the clean lines and fresh beginnings that come with the season. Its barrel-shaped case and sophisticated details make it the perfect accessory to elevate any spring ensemble, whether you're strolling through the park or attending a garden party.

And for the ladies, Tern is a symbol of elegance and femininity, with its delicate features and timeless charm. Its rose gold accents and slim profile exude sophistication, while its mesh bracelet adds a touch of modern flair. Whether you're brunching with friends or soaking up the sun in the garden, Tern is the ultimate accessory to complement your spring style.

But what truly sets Tern apart is its versatility – it seamlessly transitions from day to night, from casual to formal, making it the go-to watch for any occasion. So whether you're embracing the vibrant energy of spring or simply enjoying a moment of tranquility, let Tern be your stylish companion on this journey through the season of renewal.

Tern Onyx
Timelessly elegant silver and black barrel-shaped watch, ultra-slim at 4.8mm

Tern Ocean 
Navy blue barrel-shaped watch with rose gold detailing and mesh bracelet, a sleek and contemporary choice for everyday wear.


Tern Lille Rose
Danish designer Christian Mikkelsen's masterpiece, ultra-slim at 4.8mm, features a rose gold case and mesh bracelet, exuding sophistication.

Tern Lille Gold
Feminine dress watch with a timeless gold finish, ultra-slim design.


Tern Tuscany
Modern, ultra-thin design with black and rose gold accents.

So there you have it – Tern is not just a watch, it's a symbol of springtime elegance and timeless style. Embrace the beauty of the season and make a statement with May's watch of the month. After all, life is too short to wear boring watches.