Spring is here, which means it's time for some spring cleaning. This is one of our favourite times of the year, as it gives us a chance to freshen up our home and get rid of all the clutter.  When it comes to spring cleaning, everyone should follow a few tips to make the process as easy and efficient as possible. Here are our top tips:


1. Start with the most manageable tasks first. This will help get momentum going and make you feel like you’re making progress. When we spring clean, the job often seems so massive that it can lead to procrastination. 

We've all been there, looking at our wardrobe that we haven't organised in more years than we'd like to admit and thinking, "where do I even begin?” 

Start with the smaller tasks, like cleaning out your jewellery box or your sock drawer, and then work your way up to the more significant projects. You don't have to tackle the kitchen in one go - you can start with cleaning the bench, then the oven and so forth. 

2. Make a list of everything that needs to be done. This will help to keep you organised and ensure that nothing is forgotten. A to-do list is a perfect tool for ensuring you don't miss anything during your spring clean. 

Plus, you're more likely to be productive when you have a to-do list as it provides a sense of structure and accomplishment as tasks are checked off.

If you want to take this one step further, you can even organise your to-do list in order of importance. Try and keep the most pressing tasks to the top of the list so that you can get them done and out of the way. 

You can also put the most manageable tasks first to feel a sense of accomplishment. This will help you feel more motivated to complete the rest of your spring clean!

3. Tackle one task at a time. This will help ensure that everything gets done properly and that you don’t become overwhelmed. You may feel the tendency to start multiple tasks at once to feel more productive, but this tends to hinder your progress and can lead to frustration. 

Focus on one task at a time and take your time to complete it. This will help ensure that the task is done correctly and that you don’t end up having to go back over it again. 

There's nothing worse than thinking you've finished your spring cleaning for the day only to find out you've only cleaned half of your cupboard or forgotten to reorganise a section of your wardrobe. Sticking to one task at a time will help you avoid this!.

4. Make use of cleaning supplies. There's no need to go out and purchase specific spring cleaning supplies - you may already have everything you need in your home. For example, a toothbrush can be used to clean small crevices, while white vinegar can be used to clean windows and mirrors. 

You can use baking powder to clean your oven, and lemon juice can be used to remove tarnish from metal.  Utilising what you have around the house will help save you money and stop you from procrastinating on your spring clean.

If you need a specialised cleaning product for your spring clean, now is the perfect time to stock up! Head to your local supermarket or department store and pick up some of your favourite products. This will ensure you have everything you need to get your spring clean underway.

5. Take breaks when needed. Spring cleaning can be exhausting, so be sure to take breaks when needed.  This will help ensure that you don’t become overwhelmed and stay focused on the task at hand. 

If you need to take a break for a few minutes, that's okay. Just make sure you don't take too long a break, as this can lead to frustration and a lack of progress. 

A 5 or 10-minute break every hour or two should be enough to keep you refreshed and motivated. Try to avoid going on your phone during your breaks as well. 5 minutes of TikTok can quickly turn into an hour-long break, which isn't going to help your spring clean. 

6. Reward yourself after tasks are completed

After completing a task on your spring cleaning to-do list, give yourself a little pat on the back and reward yourself with something you enjoy. This could be anything from taking a short break to rewarding yourself with a gift.

Spring cleaning takes a lot out of you and is a mammoth task, which is why it's important to reward yourself when you finish it. We recommend treating yourself to a bespoke new watch. Have a look at our MynteTrae and Solar collections to find a new statement timepiece to add to your collection. Alternatively, you can check out our bestsellers to find a watch that is perfect for you.

Now that you know how to tackle your spring clean properly, it's time to get started.  Follow the above tips to help make the process a little easier and less daunting. Happy cleaning!