Gone are the long days of sun, surf, and sand. Instead, they’ve been replaced by the mundane, every-day routine.

As night draws in and the autumn blues get closer, we all need some mood boosters. Why not make the changing seasons to a benefit, starting now and for the rest of the year?

A: Get Out in the Morning

The days are getting shorter and the lack of sunlight can make you sad and gloomy. Get out for at least 30 mins between 6-10 AM when daylight is at its strongest. A quick recharge of natural vitamin D in your body can do miracles to your mood.

B: Reorganize Your Wardrobe

Choosing clothes according to your mood may be tempting, but it might cause more harm than you think. For example, wearing dark and grey colors will just add to your gloominess. Reorganizing your closet will help you find that inner balance and give you a good idea what pieces are so 2010. Plan your outfits out and always have at least a single colorful item to cheer you up. Even if it’s just a funny pair of socks, invisible to others. 

C: Laugh

Sounds easy, but good laughter can work better than any magic. It’s also crucial when it comes to boosting your endorphins — those all-important, feel-good brain chemicals. Binge-watch your favorite sitcom, get out with friends, go to a stand-up show. Whatever makes you laugh, just do it. 

D: Work Out

With summer over, you may feel demotivated since you won’t need that beach-bod till next year. The dark days can even keep you from venturing out. That’s exactly the right time to dig deep and find some extra motivation. Exercise can boost your mood, so don’t you dare ditch it! Set a realistic goal and try to follow it the best you can. 

When summer’s back your beach-bod will be grateful that you kept up instead of expecting miracles after Christmas.

E: Plan Ahead

The holiday season is over its back to the spinning wheel. Planning and setting up goals can be just as much fun as holiday itself. Make some research, look at your bucket list, and figure out what should be the next destination. Planning ahead gives you the option to save some money for bigger dreams. You might catch a great deal by booking early.

BONUS TIP: Cherish the Moment

Fond memories of past experiences will make you believe that you still have great things ahead. However, the current moment is also great. Feel it and live in it. What could be more beautiful than the nature dressed in autumn colors? Enjoy a warm drink in a cafe or in the coziness of your home. 

Happy tackling! 

by Patricia Toth, 

Obaku Denmark