3 Reasons to Buy a Watch this Christmas

3 Reasons to Buy a Watch this Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner and what better product to buy as a present for your loved ones or even for yourself, than a classic wrist watch?  Just like any family legacy, it is a timepiece that will be precious for many years, passing it on to future generations in your family. It’s time to get in the holiday spirit!

1. It’s a special gift

In this fast-paced digital and modern world, many people have forgotten the exclusive feeling of owning and wearing a wrist watch, when we have our smartphones.  Well, if you are forgetful like me, one day you will forget (or lose) your smart devices and you will have no way to check the time. What if you’re late for a meeting? Or, you’re in a situation where there are no people to help you? You’ll be completely lost in time. Obaku’s stainless steel watches are essential in your daily life experiences.

2. It does not disturb you

Imagine this: A day without being beeped at. A day where you won’t necessarily know that an email just arrived in your inbox or that auntie Jen liked uncle Paul’s newest photo of his cat. With a smartwatch on your wrist, you are sure to be disturbed and distracted a lot. It will help you recognise the value of time, encouraging you to not lose your present moment in things that do not truly matter. That is what makes analog quartz watch your most essential accessory piece. It not only shapes the way you perceive time but also shapes the way you react to it. Your watch can have a huge impact on your life. I can assure you that, with the right mindset, it will attract success, and happiness to your heart.

We all have the desire to be in a state of calmness and effortless elegance, living the moments connecting with the natural world around us.

3. You will look great - and feel good.

A watch is one of your most important styling accessories. For a man, it might even be your only accessory. Your watch will help you build a good relationship with time. Besides being convenient, every single watch is unique in function and style. You may also present yourself as reliable and organised. This will boost your ability to make decisions, whether they are difficult or easy to make, whilst wearing a luxurious and stylish piece.

Some characteristics are important when choosing the right watch for you because it is most likely to influence who you are and how you want to be seen by others. Therefore, the brand of your timepiece matters. 

When you are buying a watch, you are investing in yourself and in your style. Your Obaku watch might build your confidence and add the perfect final touch to your look. We hope that your watch will make you feel empowered to be true to yourself and happy, in your body and your soul.

Your watch should be a reminder to live in the moment and be present because, as Steve Jobs said:

the most treasured source we all have is time”