Holiday Season Gift Inspiration

Holiday Season Gift Inspiration

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It can also be the most stressful time of the year if you don’t know what to buy as a gift for your family and friends. Are you one of those people that don’t like to go shopping? Or do you do your gift shopping last-minute, without any planning? We’re here to guide you. 


Wearing a watch will make you feel more present as you won’t have to worry about grabbing your phone. You should put all your focus into the people you are with during the holidays and be less focused on screens. An Obaku watch is a great gift because it is designed to be worn every day. It will push you to be less distracted and each one has its own character. So, when buying a watch as a gift you should consider finding the one that will suit them perfectly.

Obaku has a watch for everyone including your artist friend, your fashionable mother, your lazy sibling, and your busy father! Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and many of them with scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, these watches will last a lifetime. Obaku has the largest collection of thin watches in the world. The slim collection has watches of only 4.8 mm slim. The newest watch has a genuine diamond and it’s super affordable!


Candles are great in providing peace and aesthetics in your home which is why it would be a great gift, especially for someone who appreciates lovely scents. The sense of smell is connected to emotions and memories, and you could be a little more creative with it by giving them a candle that reminds them of an experience that you had together. For example, that time when you were at the beach, you could smell the ocean,  and the fresh breeze while drinking mojitos in the sun.

In Denmark, Obaku’s home country, advent calendar candles are especially popular. Every day a piece of the candle is burnt, as a countdown from December 1st to Christmas Day. We brighten up the darkest time of the year with these candles. 


If you are looking for a gift for someone who is always looking out for new experiences to keep life a little more exciting or to do something different once in a while, get them an experience as a gift instead of a physical product. It can be a day at the spa, dinner at a nice restaurant, a trip to somewhere they have never been, a cooking class, and even something more adventurous like skydiving (if they dare). There are limitless possibilities that will make them feel special.

We don’t usually buy people many gifts, except on their birthday, on Christmas, and on other special occasions. So, we should all give gifts that are thoughtful, and make sure that they are worth it. The holiday season is a time to spread joy and happiness, we hope you celebrate it together with the people you love, eating delicious food and having a lot of fun, being present and embracing the moment.